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Dear Bookcliff Families,

 In the coming weeks we will be participating in CMAS testing.  We have a great plan, one that is going to cause limited disruption to our students and our school schedule.

 Some years ago, the state testing season was painful.  In the past it seemed we were testing for weeks and students and staff felt stressed.  Parents and our public spoke out and our elected officials and Colorado Department of Education responded.  The result ... we now have a reduced amount of testing and receive valid testing data.

 The staff of Bookcliff and I support our students taking CMAS this year.  However, if you do not want your child to take the CMAS test, there is a Parent Refusal form you must complete and bring to the school.  You can find this form by visiting our district website.  If you choose to do this, please deliver the form to our office in person (not your child).  This must be completed before testing starts.

 Here are more reasons why we feel ALL our students should participate in CMAS testing:

 1)  Students test a much shorter amount of time than most people may think.  6th Grade test a maximum of 8.75 hours, this is if they choose to utilize every minute offered, which is unlikely.  7th grade also tests in Social Studies and 8th grade in Science so they will test a maximum of 12.75 hours.  Again, these times are the maximum amount of time allowed, it is likely that your child will finish some or all of the tests in less time.

2)  The data parents receive about their child's results is very informative.  Parents get personalized results which detail how their child's results compare to same age peers from around the district and the state.    

3)  BMS uses the results.  We use your child's test data to plan instruction.  We look for strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments accordingly.  Students can qualify for honors courses and advanced math courses.  We use CMAS data to update learning plans.  

4)  Standardized testing is a reality of life and a skill to be practiced.  The ACT/SAT test is not far away.  In addition, many occupations require some type of testing.  

 Please help your child to get to school each day of the testing.  When students miss their testing day, they have to miss class time to make up the test.  Also, the testing rules prohibit any electronic devices, please help us communicate to your child that all phones and smart watches need to be kept in lockers on their testing days.  Here is a schedule of the days we plan to test:


Grade Level

Testing Days

Subject Tested

6th Grade

April 8, 9

ELA and Math

7th Grade

April 10,11,12

ELA, Math, and Social Studies

 8th Grade  April 10,11,12 ELA, Math, and Science


Thank you for your support of our school!  We have great kids at Bookcliff and we are excited to see our growth each year!


 Jim and Teri  

Mustangs have H.E.A.R.T.






April 10,11,12

April 10,11,12

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